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Vapaudu Voimaasi Podcast

Asiaa henkisestä kasvusta, merkityksellisyyden tunteesta, kokonaisvaltaisesta hyvinvoinnista sekä itsetuntemuksesta. Tämä podcast tarjoaa sinulle yksinkertaistettua asiaa onnellisen ja terveen elämän avaimista, sekä omaan voimaan vapautumisesta. 


What They Say

I was honestly scared to death to really show up and participate in #Lightbeamers, so I watched mostly since January. I posted once or twice so I didnt feel so guilty about lurking from the sidelines. (All or nothing kind of girl) My full story terrifes me, however, after this week I feel much more confident breaking it down and sharing pieces, chapters with the world. The stories that I have shared were so well received on my personal pages, that I have the courage to continue and to keep growing. I will be visible and shine my bight light everywhere, its glow grows daily. 0

-Beth Bowman

First off, thank you pawTree for giving us this amazing opportunity. You'll probably never know how many lives you have changed. CO Second, thank you April! You gave us a challenge that was difficult, yet achievable, and your explanations and examples really showed us exactly what to do. jp My wins and take-aways: ▪ I'm pretty sure this is the first challenge I've ever completed 6 ▪ discovered that doing a FB live won't, in fact, kill me 0 III I finally understand the concept behind using storytelling to grow my business and that it's actually quite fun! 10 Other petPros (even the "big dogs") have the same fears and challenges that I do, so I need to quit with the excuses and get busy already.

-Laurie Emerson


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