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We have launched a Podcast!!

Apr 03, 2022

Yes. You heard it here first. The Mubo Podcast is Back.


Long before the C word (covid) was even a thing, we launched a weekly podcast. The Mubo Podcast was one of my most favourite parts of the business (outside of meeting & teaching fabulous female entrepreneurs) but it was hard to juggle it when the world went crazy.

People weren't listening as much (quite rightly). It was hard to record in a house that contained a child who hated home-school and our interview schedule crashed into the wall never to recover.

I am telling you the warts and all journey because, I don't know about you, but often there are things I've tried that didn't quite work. Maybe no one seemed interested, my enthusiasm dipped or I just got out of the habit. That's life.

But I also want you to know that you have a choice to change that. 

You can re-start the thing if you want to. It's never too late to revive something you loved OR to start something new.

The podcast was always on my heart. I love podcasts. I love to record podcasts. I think OUR podcast is great. So I revived it. 

I downloaded the Anchor app. I charged my earphones. I went for a walk and I just spoke.

I had no fancy plan.

I didn't buy any equipment.

I just took action with what I had in that moment and as soon as I did that, the passion was back. My creativity started to flow.

I recorded another. and another. I fixed the podcast art. I wrote the show description. 

In 7 days I was ready to relaunch. I was doing the thing I loved.

You are busy. You have passion. Your business is probably the place that passion flows.

I hope that if you read this you remember that perfect isn't the way. In fact, perfect is the death of creativity (there, I said it).

The podcast isn't perfect. the sound is off. I swear sometimes. It's literally, me talking to my phone. But it's done. I'm doing it.

I'm going to keep on doing it - & I hope you do that too.

If you fancy Listening to the podcast you can find it here

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Thanks so much & friend, go do something today that helps you do that thing you always seem to be putting off. Future you will thanks you.

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