Finding my ideal customer.

Sep 19, 2022

Knowing who your ideal customer is can be a bit of a task, but it will make all the difference to you and your business. Our super CEO Ceri, sat down with two female entrepreneurs, Mel and Fay, for a juicy conversation on the topic. 


Firstly, what is an ideal customer? 


An ideal customer is a description of the kind of customer who would benefit the most from your offering and provide the most value to you in return.


So what can you do if you’re struggling with the concept of ideal customer?


One of the best suggestions our awesome female entrepreneurs had was to hang out where you think your customer is going to be hanging out. We all know there is a group on Facebook for EVERYTHING. Find those groups and just sit there to observe what is being spoken about in the group, what questions are being asked by the people who are your ideal customers. 


From this then, you could even start reaching out to people and create a focus group. A lot of the time, it is trial and error when you’re first starting out and that is ok. 

If you get it wrong, you start again. You learn from that experience and you do better next time. 


Make sure you are using good search engines, such as ‘Answer the Public’ to check for those words your clients are using, there’s no point in trying to sound witty or smart on your website or on your feeds, if nobody is going to come across them when searching. In the same breath, don’t use ‘business-like’ jargon. Use the correct language for your customer.

Look up those keywords for the business you’re in and use them. 


Another suggestion from our lovely guests was to not be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes we just need a little bit of help to know who we’re talking to, and that is ok. There are specialists out there who can help you identify your ideal customer and support you with skills you may not have yet. 


What difference to your business will knowing who your ideal customer is make?




It is a hard lesson for most that unfortunately, we are just not made to work with everyone, and in fact you are actually doing yourself a disservice by trying to help everybody. 

By working out exactly who your ideal customer is, you will watch your business grow!

You’ll be attracting only the right customers, and therefore helping more of them and not partially helping the wrong people. 

Word of mouth from your correct customer will have such an impact on your business as they will pass on your name to people who are similar to them. 


It is a process to know who your ideal customer is, and it certainly is not easy. As we have seen though, the benefits of taking the time to do your research are invaluable.


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