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Podcast show notes- Episode 9 - Our best tips for social media

podcast Jun 08, 2022

Welcome to the Mubo Podcast. This is a podcast for busy parents juggling busy lives, trying to build a brilliant business. I am your host, and the CEO of a social enterprise that helps mums to start and grow a brilliant business, and my name is Ceri Gillett. 


In today’s episode, I'm going to talk to you about needing help with social media. 


If you’re anything like me, you might struggle with social media. Sometimes it can feel like social media is the only thing we talk about when growing a business. That’s not to say that it isn’t an essential part in this day and age, but it can be very overwhelming. 


“How do I compete against those with much bigger audiences and who have been doing this for a much longer time?” 


It can feel very overwhelming. 


We asked our audience in a Q&A on Instagram @wearemubo, which isn’t massive but it is certainly mighty. What they wanted advice on, and we had a very common theme which was needing help with social media, struggling with it. 


So we wanted to give you four quick tips which are tried and tested. 


Tip 1-  Outsourcing. 


We know that this isn't for everyone, It’s not accessible for all as it can cost a fair amount of money. But if you are able to outsource to someone else, here’s why it’ll make social media easier for you. There are tons of social specialists out there who stay up to date with all the latest trends, for example ‘reels on Instagram’. It is widely known that if you want to grow your account on Instagram you need to be uploading reel content in order to reach new people.

A good social media strategist will know that this is where you will grow your Instagram following.


Tip 2- Skill Swap


What skills do you have that someone else might not have? What skills do they have that you might not have? There are lots of bartering websites, where you can share your talents and swap and help other businesses. There is NO shame in doing this. You will both get something that is valued by yourselves then. 


Tip 3- Batching


I use this all the time. Taking time to create your content. Please do this!!! 

I always get asked “how are you on social media all the time,  with a child and a business?”.. Let me tell you, I am not on social media all the time. I batch create content. 

We have content pillars, which we create content around. Once a week (fortnight) I'll get dressed up, search for trending media and batch record my reels etc, then save them in my drafts. For Instagram posts, we use a scheduler. 

This is how I make it work for me. 

We have also started using Tiktok, which is trial and error, but we've found we have been reaching the correct type of following on there (mums) who have ended up following us on instagram and joining our email list.

We also re-share our Tiktok videos on Instagram as reels, so repurposing them.


Tip 4-  Repurpose your content


We often post the same things, we will change bits and pieces of it. 


Let’s say you record a podcast every week, and you put it out to the world on social media. What would your repurposing flow be for that podcast? So for me, I would transcribe that podcast and have it as a blog post, so that it's promoted for people who like to read, and then there's the podcast for people who like to listen. 

Also take sound bites from the podcast, and turn those into social media posts throughout the week. You could also re-read your podcast notes and video it, and put it on youtube. Then live videos on your social media, about the same content. 


I have a spreadsheet that tells you exactly how to repurpose content when you come and work with me or join the Mubo membership. 

So those are just 4 tips to help make social media feel a little less overwhelming, Outsourcing, Skill Sharing, Batching and Repurposing your content. 


As I mentioned earlier our Mubo membership is currently open and enrolling. Our membership is something we only used to offer to people who had been through our Launchpad accelerator, and that is changing!! 

We are having a big launch in September, and we are opening our doors to everyone on a recurring rolling monthly membership. It is open at the moment, in BETA testing phase. We want people in the membership to test how we work, as we've been doing our format for quite a few years now. We just want to check that it is ok for other people. 

What to expect in the membership-

  • 3 Co- working sessions a week.
  • Monthly coaching session.
  • Monthly book club.
  • Private facebook community to answer every and any questions you may have.


So if that sounds like something you would like to join, I highly recommend you go and check it out at The BETA rate is currently open, so it is cheaper than it will be to join in September, so why not snag that, you keep it for life at the cheaper rate.


Thanks so much for listening today, if you have any questions you can contact us

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