Podcast show notes- episode 7- 3 Things I learnt on a Business Retreat

podcast Apr 25, 2022

Welcome to the Mubo Podcast. This is a podcast for parents juggling busy lives and trying to build a brilliant business. My name is Ceri Gillet, I am your host. I'm a serial entrepreneur and a lover of all things green. I'm the founder and chief executive of the social enterprise MUBO. 


MUBO is the home of the UK’s first and only business accelerator, for parent owned businesses. In today's podcast, I am just off retreat and I'm going to be jumping in to tell you the top things I learnt and how I'm going to be letting those learnings make their way into my business in the coming weeks and months.


Hello, and welcome to episode seven of the MUBO podcast. As I mentioned in the intro there I am just off a lovely and relaxing business and mindset retreat, and I want to tell you all about what went on last weekend, and how I'm going to take those learnings and implement them in my business.


On Friday, I embarked on a three day cross weekend retreat, with the fabulous Aleks Certa, Aleks is one of my good friends who I have met through business and coaching. She is an amazing Facebook ADs agency strategist. Wonderful woman, and just an all round fantastic, great egg. I love her. So Aleks put out that she was doing a retreat in Cheshire over a weekend. It was called ‘The Embodied Business Retreat’ and it was for business owners to talk about business and strategy, and also to talk about mindset and the things that hold us back, the things we can harness to help us grow. 

I was super up for it, because I’ve never actually been on a retreat like this. I signed myself up and I drove myself to Cheshire to get to the retreat on Friday, with very little knowledge of what was going to be going on at the retreat, just the bare outlines. 


This retreat happens quarterly, so if this kind of thing interests you, go to the show notes on, find the podcast show notes on our blog and click the link to find out more about Aleks. She will be sharing on her socials things about the next retreat which is being held in October 2022, if you fancied coming along I can highly recommend it. 


Let’s jump in to what went on at the retreat, this retreat was held in a large country house, it was fully catered by an amazing catering company who came in and did all the fabulous food. There was a structure, as in we had different things going on at different parts of the retreat weekend. 

We had a mindset session, we had an amazing yoga session, we had a really big spiritual ceremony, we had a  league generation and strategy session run by Aleks, and we went out for an amazing lunch which was fantastic. There were shared bedrooms, there was a hot tub, there were beautiful gardens and it was just absolutely fantastic. The weather was gorgeous, and we had time within the structure to get to know one another but also to just relax and spend time working on our own thing. 

After any kind of conference or any big learning thing that I do for the business, I always like to take some time in the days afterwards to really think about what I got from it, what I learnt, what i'm going to be implementing, what do I want to change, what do I want to bring in, all that good stuff! 


So, I wanted to share with you a few quick things that I learnt this weekend. 

The first one is that you have to lean into connection, so connection is actually something I really struggle with, I feel weird saying it but I struggle with having friends. I often feel like people don't really understand me or that I don't fit in. So because of that, I don't always communicate in the best way, and I don't say what I need in order for things to be really good for me. I keep things to myself, I'm very internal, I seem to live in my own mind and my own body- I don’t share a lot of things. One of the things that were really huge for me this weekend is that you really have to lean into connection. I know that connection is there for all of us, we all need connection in order to thrive and survive and be our best selves. I need to come away and be responsible, I need to lean into connection. It’s no good me sitting in my office, or sitting in my house and saying;

“I would love to have great friends” 

“I would love to have people who understand my business”

“I would love to have a bigger network” 

But not actually do anything that is going to expand that. One of the things I am going to be taking away is that I need to lean into connection. To keep in touch with the women that I spent time with this weekend. I need to prioritise my friendships, and my relationship with James because they're all really important. I need to lean into my relationship as a mum with Fred. I need to look at my calendar and make sure I am prioritising the time and space that needs to be there, in order for me to nurture relationships. I need to make sure I am doing the things that make those relationships grow. I also need to have a look at what is missing. Where is the connection missing in my life? And what can I do to cultivate that, because that is my responsibility to bring in more of what I need, and to lean into connection because it's so important. 


Maybe you’re feeling on your own. That seems to come up for a lot of our ladies, maybe you would love a network or friends that understand your business. Perhaps you know that you need to spend more time with your family and you need to prioritise that, so if you’re listening to this episode today, maybe you’re out on a walk or you’re driving in your car- what connection do you need? How can you have more connections in your business and in your life? How can you give that to yourself? Really think about that today or this week and see where you need more connection. Only great and positive things come from connection! 


The second thing I learnt, and I knew this! We all know this.. But I'm going to tell you again and I'm going to tell myself again. The most important thing in your business, when it comes to success- the key- IS YOU!! 

This is a difficult pill for us all to swallow, it was difficult for me to swallow as well, I tell you.

I feel like we're all looking for the thing, the yellow brick road, the holy grail, the silver bullet, we want to find out that one thing that is going to get us what we want, which is success in our business- right? It could be the following number, hitting a certain amount of money, selling a certain amount of product, getting your own office. Whatever success means to you, we want the THING that is going to get us there. We are going to coaches, I am one, we are looking to outside organisations (like the one I run) to find that ‘silver bullet’ were looking for the things, but the thing is YOU. It’s me, we are the thing. Everything we want is already inside ourselves. Of course we can learn new skills, there are cheat codes and shortcuts but if you want to be successful,the only thing you need for your business to grow and to get it where you want is YOU!!

It's you believing that it can happen, you taking the action to get yourself there, it's you being consistent, you not giving up, you believing that it's possible. Everything is in you!

So when you prioritise yourself, before everything else that is where success comes from, that's where your growth and joy is. I absolutely know this on a deep level, but sometimes you get stuck in scheduling your social media, doing the school run, sometimes feeling resentful that you don’t have enough time to do your work. There are a million and one things that go on in our heads at one time, but we have to always come back to remember that WE are the most important things and WE have to prioritise ourselves. 

So if you listen to this again, how can you work on yourself so you are able to get your business to the place where you want to go to. Maybe that is going for a walk everyday, putting in a self care practice, meditating/ doing yoga/ working on your mindset/ listening to an audiobook. 


Actually, one of the things we were talking about this weekend was about being in flow and joy. So if you've ever had a day where work has just gone brilliantly, you're doing something you love. For me flow comes often when I'm writing, because I love to write. I can get into flow and joy and happiness when I'm writing for the business, when I'm doing the planning, when I'm leaning into the stuff that I know makes me happy. It also comes from non-work situations, maybe you love to run, or maybe you love to get out in the countryside, maybe you love to just walk with no agenda. I love swimming in cold water, some people love going to the gym, some people love eating a delicious meal or eating a gorgeous and indulgent cake- what is the thing that brings you joy? Mums- a lot of us, talk about sex. Headphones in- sorry!! But maybe, sex is the thing that brings you joy, its brings you to that great state of feeling like you are your best self, thats when you’re in flow. 

Everything comes easy when you’re in flow, so in order for us to be our best self we have to take responsibility, and get ourselves into flow. We need to do more things everyday, and i'm not talking about work. Just the stuff you love, the playful stuff, the joyful stuff, you need to give that to yourself. It's not just about the hard work and ticking stuff off your to-do list anyone can do that. In order for you to put out the right energy, in order for you to be happy and joyful and give everyone around you your best self. You have to do stuff that puts you into that place. Think about what you can do, to spend more time in joy and flow. To spend more time enjoying yourself to make everyday as joyful as possible, and I promise you if you commit to that you’ll see a massive difference to your business. 


The third thing that was really important to me this weekend was it's really important to get out of routine.

So many of us, in order to get all of the stuff done, we run a really strict routine. School runs/ work these hours/ cram some work in the evening/ have certain friends that we talk to/ turn up on zoom calls/ or have coaches/ be part of great Facebook groups/ little close friendships. We are in our routine and we stick with it, because routine is a great thing. It's equally important to get out of routine and change state. In that you can mix things up a bit, you can feel different emotions, get different viewpoints, you can sleep in a different building if that is what you choose to do. Getting out of routine is really important sometimes to allow you the time and space to analyse what you have been doing and give you the space to stop and think about what you're doing next. 


So maybe for you, it’s not going to a retreat. You don't have to go away every weekend. It could be about working differently this week. Maybe it's about working out of the house, maybe it's about working in a different room, maybe it's about taking a day off work, or rest day- going off and doing something that you have fancied doing for ages so you can tap into that flow state and give yourself some space. There is loads of great stuff that can happen, when you ditch that routine and force yourself into a changed state. So getting out of routine is really important, if things are feeling a bit stale for you or you would love to go on a retreat but you just can't. These are some things you can think about this week so you can move towards that retreat state and boost your business in a way. 


What i've really learnt is that you need to; 

  • Lean into connections, cultivate those connections and you are responsible for that yourself.

  • The most important thing for success in your business is YOU and that we need to be responsible for prioritising ourselves so we can get the success that we want.

  • Getting out of routine. We all have routines, but if we want to change things up that can bring a freshness and new energy to our business. If things are feeling a bit stagnant you can move forward. Changing things up and getting out of routine may really help you this week. 


If you want to get more information on anything I have mentioned in this podcast today, particularly the wonderful Aleks Certa and ‘The embodied business retreat’ please jump over to the website, click on our blog and that is where we are putting all our podcast episode notes. Head over there and check those out and you can find all the information that you need. 

I’ll be back next Monday with another episode of the podcast for you. We love seeing that you’re listening to the podcast so, if you’ve listened to this today and you’ve enjoyed it please consider screenshotting your phone or sharing a selfie on social media. We mainly hang out on Instagram @wearemubo and share that with us. We love to share them so people can see your fabulous business and your fabulous face. I hope you have a fantastic week and I'll see you next Monday.