Podcast Show Notes- Episode 6- Money Blocks

podcast Apr 21, 2022

Welcome to the MUBO podcast,a podcast for mums juggling busy lives, busy kids and trying to grow a brilliant business. In today's episode 6 of the podcast, I'm going to be sharing with you my top tips and tricks to help work on your money mindset.


Hello, and welcome to episode 6 of the podcast. I've got to be honest with you, I was unsure how I was going to approach this one because if you know me, one of the things I love talking about is money. Now be honest, did that make you itch? I've always been that way. The reason I love talking about money is because I find money really uncomfortable- confession time! Confessions with Ceri! I'm actually sitting in a church yard whilst I record this because I'm on my walk, so it's an apt place to make my money confessions. So true story, I have not always been fantastic with money, I have not always had a good attitude towards money, I have not always had a good money mindset. At times in my life, I have really had a difficult story with money. I have been in debt- that has adversely affected my credit history. I have over spent/ not saved. I wanted to talk today, quite honestly, about how I have got to the place where I am, and how I continue to work on my money mindset. Because I want to be really honest and transparent, that for some people this is a constant journey,and if that is you, you will understand this and I'm sure you will enjoy this podcast for sure. 


At present i am obviously hosting this podcast, but i am running a non profit business that has done very well, i have built other businesses, taken and sold a business etc etc. but i have always had money blocks. So what a money block is, is a mental block around money. Now this showed up for me in many different ways. I have undercharged, I have worked too long for free, I have not been confident about my pricing,I have not felt confident about my worth in a financial sense. I have been fearful about how I would manage money, I have been fearful about repeating past history with money. I have basically not wanted to deal with it and stuck my head in the sand. Tried to not look at my bank account, tried to not open letters, all that good stuff. My poor money mind set showed up in all areas of my life, in my home life, definitely in my business. So I have consciously through engaging with a coach, and through working with my mind set and working on the business fir growth i've had to look at my blocks and money mindset was one that came up consistently, and i knew i had to take time to work on it. Because even though I knew I could earn money, my mindset never improved. So i didn't want to hold onto it, it was almost like i was repelling it, and i certainly do not want to repel money, no friend. 


So there are a few things I have done to try and improve my money mindset. So if you recognise any of this, if you recognise that you are doing a lot of work for free, if you recognise that you don't like to charge people, or talk about your prices in your business, if you are undercharging or if you are actively doing things to repel money like, not getting back to people, not sending invoices on time, just funny things that show up for you when it comes to money. These are some things that you should look at.


So one of the first things I started to do when I wanted to work on my money mindset was obviously read books about money and I've got a couple I would like to recommend to you. 

The first is a book called MONEY. I listened to it on audiobook about a year and a half ago, and I would say it's like a young woman's guide to money, so it was probably aimed at a mainly millennial market, but I found it really helpful. Just to explain the terms that are sometimes used with money, to talk about things like investment, talk about interest rates and how it affects us in our day to day lives. To understand finally in layman's terms what people are talking about, like on the news when they talk about money. It was a good basic understanding of finances. I'm nearly forty, and there's no shame in going back and getting the basics in place, so you feel confident when you talk about money. So I really recommend this book. 


The second book i would recommend is much more on the money mindset theme, and that's- DENISE DUFFIELD- THOMAS GET RICH LUCKY BITCH, it's a few years old now, and i've got a physical book, as in a book i can actually read, i've also download the audiobook which i find really helpful. The book is just the right amount of woo- its actually practical but is also spiritual and mindset based. The audiobook is read by her, which is like listening to a podcast. There is also an app you can get which is a free money tracker, that goes alongside the book, which I have used and thought it was good. So definitely check that out if you want to improve your money mindset. 


So because I knew my money mindset was such a big issue, I would take time out of my week to be learning something about money and finances, so I was putting my energy and focus to where I wanted that energy to flow, to that money side of my mindset. Listening to financial podcasts, reading and talking about money, was something i've really prioritised in the last couple of years, and it's probably helped me open up a lot of conversations i am able to have about money, because for women i think there's a lot of shame- it's a very british thing. We shouldn't talk about how much we are earning, we shouldn't talk about what we charge, debt, credit, it's not the done thing. I think the more we talk about it, particularly as women, the more improved we will all become. So I have become a lot more open in talking about what I earn, in talking about my own money story. Asking others for advice, just being really open about the fact that I bump up against these blocks, because I know that actually a block is nothing to be ashamed of. Having a money or financial block  doesn't mean that I'm not or cant be successful. It's just something that i bang up against from time to time, and it's something I will always have to work on, that's just how it goes and I'm fine with that. So I really recommend those books.


The second thing I did which was really beneficial to me, was listen to a variety of money mindset items, two things in particular i listened to. Subliminal messaging, i learnt about this in Denise Duffield- Thomas’ book, so if you go onto youtube or maybe your podcast provider or onto apple music/spotify. You'll get music that has subliminal messages, messages you can't really hear, embedded into the tracks. Now this won't be for everyone, but i love it for ages, i have been listening to subliminal wealth tracks whilst i go off to sleep, or whilst i work, while i'm brushing my teeth in the morning, i'll have one on whenever. If there's a chance it'll work I'll give it a try. That focus gives me a different headspace and I feel a lot more confident about the fact I'm working on my money. Ist something that takes zero effort, they just need to be found and played. 

Money mindset meditations, whilst going off to sleep. I listen to a guy called Doxy meditations all the time, and he produces really long- 8 hour meditations on youtube. He has tons to do with the law of attractions, financial mindset, money mindset, positive money affirmations and success. The list is endless, I will pop one on whilst I drop off to sleep ,I want my mind to do the work whilst I'm having a good old sleep. The same with affirmations, I found mine on youtube. I will get some affirmations for money, whilst I'm driving I will repeat them, if i'm going for a walk. I just find it helps me keep my mind on my money and money on my mind, and it makes me feel better. 


The third thing which has been huge for me, is tapping, have you ever tapped? EFT tapping Emotional Freedom Technique, is basically where you tap on different meridian points, you tap on different parts of your face and body whilst running through a list of phrases or words to do with your money mindset. I did this with my friend Lucy who is a coach, and she talked to me about my money mindset blocks she created for my tapping, and then we tapped together. I first came across tapping in a workshop, with Helena Donaldson who is a money coach, probably about two years ago, and i loved it. It made me feel instantly lifted. Since then I've gone on to do it. I have a tapping app on my phone which has tons of tapping videos you can follow, but also on youtube, where you type in ‘tapping for money’ and follow along. You tap on your karate chop point of your hand and then follow around your body, repeating the words, and i cannot tell you what a difference it makes to me, in how i feel about myself. It makes me feel lighter and brighter, so therefore i love to do it so i continue to do it. It's something that's really benefited me, is tapping, if I'm feeling really anxious with money, or with the business to do with money like needing new clients or having masses of invoices to be paid, I go and tap and i can instantly feel lighter. That's what it does for me. It's about finding things that work for you, trying and testing them and sticking with them. 


The fourth thing is visioning, so many people do vision boards, goal setting, all that kind of stuff. I do this also, but i also break it down and make it more businessy i suppose, within my business, i have a short, medium and long term goal financial structure. From that finsical structure I pull and make it apply to my personal and family life, I hit the financial goals. That helps it feel really tangible for me, that there is something I can do for myself and my family when I hit those money goals for the business. Also, important to add, this might not be relevant for you, MUBO is a social enterprise non profit, so where we make a lot of money in the business, that profit stays in the business, so we get to do loads or great stuff with it, so within the next 12 month I want to be able to get to the point where we give grants, which is money that people don't have to pay back, to women that want to start their own businesses. I have that on a vision board, I talk about it with a board of directors, with clients. It's going to be a great day when we are able to do that and I know I'll be so bloody proud when we are handing out our first grant funding to female business owners. It's always a place I've wanted to get to in the last 6 years, so there is a real purpose behind why I want to earn a lot of money within MUBO. 


I also have a similar thing across other businesses and in my personal life, earning money is a great thing, because you get to do a lot of great things when you're in control of your finances. I try not to feel ashamed about the fact that I'm really ambitious and I want to earn a  lot because there is a lot that we can do when we take back that power. 


I'm going to talk to you quickly about something that hasn't worked for me, and this is going to be controversial. I have purchased in the last couple of years two really popular money mindset courses. I would not go back and spend that money again, I would not recommend my friends or family to purchase those courses either. I've bought and been coached in many ways, and I've had some fantastic experiences, two very popular courses that I bought for money, I did not love them, at all. I didn't feel they were good value for money or a great representative for monee for a client, for Me anyway. So if I could go back in time and tell Ceri to keep her money or work with someone else one to one, I would definitely do that. It was not something found beneficial, I thought being in a community of women working on a money mindset might have helped me, but I just found it was actually loads of people trying to sell their products and services. I have heard great things about Denise Duffield- Thomas’ money bootcamp, though i haven't taken it. I know some fantastic money coaches who work with people one to one, so that is something you could also look into, if you felt you wanted to work more on your money mindset. 


So I just wanted to be really transparent about what I have found worked for me and has not worked for me, so I hope you take some of that on board and maybe find some of it useful as you carry on with your money mindset journey. Just keep talking about it and focusing on it, and where that focus goes, your energy flows.