Podcast Show Notes- Episode 4- Quick Tips to Keep Momentum on Tough Days

podcast Apr 21, 2022

Hello, and welcome to episode four of the podcast. My name is Ceri Gillet, I am the founder and CEO of the social enterprise MUBO, we help people start and grow brilliant businesses. This podcast is for busy parents, who are juggling kids, businesses and blinking busy lives. In today episode 4 I'm going to give you three quick tips to help keep your idea moving forward when you might be losing motivation.


Wow, episode 4, I cant believe we've churned through four episodes already, I absolutely love recording the podcasts for you, so i'm going to go straight in with a quick ask. If you have listened to the rest of our episodes or this is your first one and you're thinking ‘this is the podcast for me’ cani ask that you please rate and review the podcast wherever you are listening to it. We are a small social enterprise, non profit business and we are making waves or trying to make waves in quite a big industry supporting people to start and grow businesses. We are a small team and we want to make a big noise, you sharing our podcast, you sharing our content, reviewing and rating us all helps people find the podcast, so if you could do that for me today before we dive into this content, i would love you forever, I promise I will!


Today I'm going to be talking to you about my three top tips that I can give you to help keep your idea rolling forward when you are losing momentum. Let's be honest folks, you dont wake up everyday and love your business, the same way as you dont wake up every day and love your job or your career, right? Mostly everyday I love what i do, but there are certain parts where i'm like ugh or there are certain days where my mind is playing tricks on me, or I'm tired, i've been up in the night and i just don't feel like i've got it. On those days we've gotta dig deep and keep our ideas moving forward. Keep the momentum going, and I know that can be hard. So these are three tips I lean into to help me keep taking action, keep that momentum moving and keep my business moving towards my goal, whether that's start up, whether that's getting more customers, whether that's scale you can use this method to one degree or another.


So my first tip to help you keep motivated is to be involved in an entrepreneurial community. Now when I was starting my first business I didn't know anyone who was in business, I didn't know where to go for advice, I didn't have friends who were entrepreneurs, I felt a little bit lonely. I didn't really have anyone to talk through what was going on with me or my business. Then I became involved in one way or another in entrepreneurial communities, I found most of my business communities online. I would be searching for ‘mums in business support’ ‘online business support’ and I got involved in free facebook groups, and later in courses and coaching programs that helped me bring my business forward. Those communities were really invaluable, I made brilliant friendships, I felt less alone, I was able to tap into a community who had a variety of businesses and different pools of knowledge I could tap into and that was really helpful. It made me feel like I had  a group of people who understood what I was going through, who were at a similar stage as me, so I didn't feel so alone. Really helpful. So if you're struggling, tap into those communities, or find them. Maybe you're already in groups, maybe you're part of paid memberships, use them! I know if you're anything like me- I know I probably shouldn't admit to this, sometimes I'm not using the communities I'm paying for in the fullest way. Or I'm not engaging in the communities I'm in, be them free or whatever in the way I could in order to get the best out of them. That may mean going in and answering other people's questions, being helpful and of service, or perhaps going in there and offloading or asking for help. Whatever it is, make sure you are utilising and reaching out and asking for the support you need within those communities. Communities are so important for women in business, so make sure you're in there, and sharing.


 My second tip to help you keep that motivation going and get over those sticky days where you don't want to do it. To share your story, this kind of goes hand in hand with that community. I see so many women who really dont show up with the truth of what's going  on with them at the moment. That's something I've been able to leverage to my advantage, is that I can't be bothered with all that, like I could not filter myself enough to show up in a way that wasn't true. Does that make sense? I know, fake it til you make it, I know all that kind of stuff, think and then become. But if you really want people to invest in you as a business owner, you have to build trust and bring a sense of real life to who you are and what you do. So I think it's really important to share the truth of what's going on, to share the days when you just don't feel like doing it, like I am on this podcast. To share the days you need help, but to share the good stuff as well. The light and the dark. We lose this really tangible element about  the real person, and the people behind our businesses if we dont show the real story, so share what's going on. If you're not feeling so motivated, get in those facebook groups and tell people. If you're really struggling with something in the businesses, go live and chat to people about it or create a post, see if anyone has got any tips. See if anyone knows anyone who can help you, whatever it is, everybody has days where things don't go to plan. It's just real life! Tapping into real life can really show the community of support you've built up around your business and around yourself. So please, if you're having a down day, share your story, and allow somebody to support and be there for you, and help you. Sometimes just listen.


My third tip, in today's quick episode to help you get over those lumpy bumpy days is, keep the mind gremlins at bay. I know this is different for many people, but whatever stage of business you're at, whether its start up, growth stage or whether you're scaling. You will have days where you don't feel like doing it, and your mind is going to play all kinds of tricks on you as to why that is. Maybe you start depending on what your flavour is, maybe you start thinking you're really bad at business, you should never have done this, you're never going to go anywhere, keep repeating keep repeating, maybe you think it's the business, it's wrong you need to change or pivot, you need to make more money, or bring on a team. There's always something you can do. Whatever your flavour of mind banter is, we've all got our own, you need to try and keep that at bay. There are a million and one ways you can do that, but I urge you to find out what is the one thing that shuts down that negative chatter so you can keep moving forward. Mine is the countryside. I know if my brain is starting to talk talk talk, and it's not nice talk, that thing up there is not being friendly to me and it is telling me i am not the person to do this and who the heck do i think i am. I know I need to get outside, whatever the weather! I have actual waterproofs, waterproof trousers and a coat (I live in South Wales) . I know if i can get in a field or in that walking pace and get myself quiet, no music no podcasts or books, nothing. That is the thing that allows me to really hear that voice in my head, for what it is and start to dull it down and quiet it out. I know I need to get into nature, I know I need to make things silent and I build that into my working day, every single day and it has made a massive difference to my own development and the growth of the business, how we've been able to scale, absolute game changer! 


For other people if it can be meditation/yoga/listening to music/ physical exercise, it can be watching a hilarious show on netflix and laughing your butt off. It could be affirmations, sound therapy, it can be anything. Whatever it is, trial and error, that allows you to see that voice for what it is, aka an unhelpful and noisy bleep. You're going to tap into that thing and be able to control that. Take control back. That voice is not making decisions for you and you are back in your body, in yourself, in the right mindset so important. So if you don't know what your thing is that helps you quiet those voices, then trial and error, test it and see, try affirmations/exercise/getting out in the countryside/ try sitting on a tree and hugging it/ try putting your feet in the grass barefoot and ground. Nothing is out of bounds if it works for you, because we're all different and need different things. I urge you to try that.


So the three tips I've shared with you today, to keep your business moving forward on the days when you don't have it in you.

  • Get involved in an entrepreneurial community
  • Share your story
  • Find the thing to keep that mental noise away


Thank you so much for listening. I love recording these quick episodes for you. I hope you're enjoying them as well. I'll be back on Monday with another episode.