Podcast Show Notes- Episode 2- 3 Quick Tips to Help with Instagram Reels

podcast Apr 21, 2022


Welcome to Episode 2 of the MUBO podcast, a podcast for those of us juggling kids, businesses and busy lives. In today’s episode I'm going to be walking you through some quick tips to help you make the most of Instagram Reels! Are you making reels yet? Are you on TikTok? We’re going to dive in today, friend.


Hi friend,  and thanks for joining me in episode two of the MUBO podcast. Today I'm going to be talking to you about Instagram Reels, and I'm going to be sharing three tips to help you get a handle on making reels for your business. Now I'm not going into the full details of how you make reels, as how you actually get one live. I'm guessing you already know that or you’ll have people who can tell you in a better way than I could. Reels are really important if you are marketing your business on Instagram, and most of the mums that come to us for support with their businesses use Instagram as their main platform. If you too are using Instagram but you’re only just dabbling in the whole reel thing, then today might be helpful for you. I'm going to share three tips that have helped me dip my toe in the reel pool, and be able to navigate making these short, snazzy videos for my business.


So first up, WHAT IS A REEL? So basically, our lovely Instagram, they want to get a slice of the TikTok pie. So Tikok, if you’ve not downloaded it and been living under a rock. TikTok, is the most viral app sensation you’re going to come across. So if you get on TikTok, you will see these super short, super viral videos that scroll on the platform. It’s all video content, you can use other audio, you can use songs and it is ADDICTIVE! Seriously! So Instagram didn't want to let everyone run from the platform and just be hanging out on TikTok, so they brought out Instagram reels and reels are now also rolling out on Facebook. Reels are pretty much the same as TikTok, they let you create a short, kind of addictive viral video, that you can consume quite easily whilst you’re scrolling, and they are brilliant if you’re looking to grow your Instagram platform. 


At the moment Instagram is putting all their eggs into the ‘reels basket’. If you're making reels and you're doing it consistently, you're going to get more eyes on your account, that's pretty much the basics of it. If you’re using Instagram for your business you should be making reels for your business as well. A lot of people ‘um and ah’ and don't think they fit their business, I  don't want to be dancing and pointing’ you can make any reel fit your business!! I absolutely believe that, you don't have to make them the same way as other people, you don't have to be good at dancing, but can I just whisper into the microphone and tell you- in my head I feel like I was made to be TikTok famous or Instagram reels famous- I have no coordination, but in my mind I feel I would have been brilliant at those dances. Anyway, they are an extra thing for your plate Instagram reels, so you might be thinking it’s just another thing you have to do, you’ve got to do grid posts and stories, you need to be doing lives, you’ve got all the platforms and how the heck can you add another thing to the plate by doing reels. So I’m going to share three things that have worked for me. 


That first tip is to batch the reels now, I don't know about you, but if you know me, or if you’ve ever met me, you will know that I'm not a makeup and hair kind of gal. I envy you ladies who do that everyday, it's just not for me. So I like to batch create my content. I have a day where I look astonishing and on that day I create ALL my content and that is batched and it is sent out for the rest of the week, sometimes two weeks. So I batch them, get them done in advance. You can do this with reels by batching them and deciding how many reels you're going to make, saving any audio in advance *TIP* when you're scrolling, and you see music in reels that you think could work for you, just save it- click on it and save audio, you can go back later. All your audio is saved, so when it comes to batch day you know what you're doing. Plan your outfits etc.. I don't actually change my outfits, because I'm lazy, but you could do a sneaky top change, or put half your hair up/ put it down, just plan what you're going to be doing there, then just get them done! Knock all those reels out in one day, drop perfection and get it done, that's how you will take action. That's how your reels will move forward, is by ditching all the nonsense about what we look like and how to perfect them- just get them done! Batching them is my first tip on succeeding with reels for your business.


My second tip is use trending audio, as you're scrolling reels on your phone, you will see a little arrow next to the song name, when you see that arrow it means it's a trending audio. So trending audio is what you want to be using on your reels, now you don't have to do this exclusively, i'm not going to be one of those people who lay down the law like that but if you want to get more visibility and you want more eyes on your business and what you do, then this is just another tip and trick that will help you navigate the Instagram algorithm. If you use trending audio, it's more likely that your reel is going to do well, so look out for that arrow next to the song and be saving those so when you come to your batch day, you've got the trending audio, and you're going to dive right in- make those reels and get them done! 


My tip number three is make your reels as eye-catching as possible now coming from the someone who makes most of her reels in quite a dark bedroom with the help of a really cheap ring light that I got from poundstretchers, you don't have to have the most aesthetically pleasing background. What I mean by that is, you can grab attention in other ways, by highlighting text, by using a question or a statement at the beginning that is going to grab people's attention off the bat and pull them into your reel OR have a direct ask, have something that means you're prompting engagement. It's going to make people run to the comments or share the reel- that's what you  want to be doing, grabbing attention and making people take action. That's what the algorithm is looking for, you've got your trending audio, you're consistently making reels, then when people see your reel, they are liking it, commenting underneath or sharing it. All that is the holy grail for getting visibility on Instagram at the moment.


Those are just three quick tips that you can really easily put into your instagram strategy TODAY or THIS WEEK, and start to move reels forward for your business. Now I am no social media expert, I'm just telling you things that have worked for me in my own business, and things that have genuinely helped me, that is what I want to share where I'm coming from. If you're a social media manager and you know better than me, then you probably do. But as a normal business owner, I'm probably saying the wrong words I'm sharing from my own experience. If this has helped you, in any way please feel free to reach out and let us know, or if you have any questions about social media then shoot them out on social media and we will jump in and answer any questions you have got. I hope you have enjoyed this quick episode, this quick tip episode. We’ll be back with a longer episode next week and I can't wait to see you then, have a fantastic week.