Three simple tips on how to be more productive.

podcast Sep 16, 2022

I think it is a particularly female trait to feel like we are the ones who need to sacrifice ourselves for everyone else to be productive. The reality is though, we need to prioritise ourselves in order to be productive. We don’t need to be top of the list all the time, but some of the time is absolutely essential for us to get anything done. Sometimes we just need to admit that we can’t do EVERYTHING- this can be so freeing for you in mumlife and business.

Our CEO Ceri, sat down and spoke to two amazing mothers and female entrepreneurs, Helen and Ceinwen about how to be more productive. Here are the three top tips they gave us, and we think they’re going to be super helpful for you.


Top tip number 1- Time blocking!

Find when you work best, do you find you are able to focus more in the mornings, or perhaps it’s in the evenings, when the kids have gone to bed. Whenever it is for you, block that time out for you to do your work and plan your week ahead around it. 

For example, personally I find I work my best in the morning. As soon as I've had lunch, all I want to do is nap. So I try to plan the work I have to think about the most- blog writing, content planning and creating all for the morning! Then in the afternoon I can do the things that I don’t find take so much brain work.


Top tip number 2- Use systems!

Now, we all know there’s loads of fancy pants systems out there, for things like lists, organisation, calendars. These can be quite expensive sometimes and we might not always have the budget for them. But it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to get some systems in place. You could use your calendar that is attached to your email account. There are tons of free apps out there for organising and lists. There’s also the good old-fashioned pen and paper. Plan time in your day for yourself to do the things you need too. Make sure that everyone at home is aware of the time you’re taking and get on with it. 

Maybe you need a system in your day where you work for a set amount of time and then step away from the computer and have a break. If you have a particularly short attention span, this could work well for you. 


Top tip number 3- Outsourcing!

Where do you think you need some help? 

Now we’re not suggesting for you to grow your team and have someone running every aspect of your business. 

But, are you able to give someone else something to do in your day? Could you ask a friend or family member to block a chunk of time off in your calendar for you to work on that project or get that content created- whatever it is for you.

Outsourcing could also mean asking for help from your partner with childcare. 

We’ve just had the Summer holidays, did you sacrifice doing your work so you could look after the children whilst your partner worked? Could you have asked your partner to watch the kids whilst you did some work? If you didn’t and you sacrificed what you were doing, maybe it's time to start prioritising your own work and what you need to do for once. Could you ask someone to watch the kids whilst you get some work done- perhaps for just two hours. You could probably get more done in two hours by yourself than what you could in a whole week with your kids running around. 


One final note is to remember that you cannot fill from an empty cup. Prioritise YOU sometimes, not just in business but in home life also. Go for that walk you wanted too, have that relaxing bath you’ve been dreaming of all week. Take time for you to refill. To listen to the full podcast with our amazing guests, head over to all the main listening streams for more amazing tips on how to be more productive.