5 Top tips on how to be more confident as a mother and a female entrepreneur.

podcast Sep 16, 2022

Being a mother, and female entrepreneur can often lead to a lack of self-worth and self-confidence. As a mum running a business, you might not feel like you are working to the best of your ability and you’re not alone. Research suggests that this could either be in your home and personal life or in your business. These negative feelings come with all sorts of questions. Are my skills good enough to run this business? Will my business grow? I haven’t got dinner on the table for 5.30pm every night, will my kids think I'm a bad mum? 

At one time or another, all mums and all female entrepreneurs have felt these things and therefore battled with our confidence. Our CEO Ceri, sat down with two other mums and female entrepreneurs to discuss their top tips when struggling with confidence. Listen to our podcast Motherhood and Making Money, to hear the full interview. We have taken some of the awesome top tips from the ladies and put them here for you.


Tip number one, It is so easy to look at our past sometimes and have regrets, but what if we changed our mind set from being negative to a positive and look how far we've come. Very often in life our confidence is impacted by our mindset, if we’re looking back at our past with a negative mindset, regretting things we have done and been through our confidence will be at an all time low. Whereas we should look back and think, yes we have been through some stuff, but we have learnt from it and look where we are now, how far we have come in that time! A whole new level of confidence will be unlocked in us. 


Another tip is, to keep that inner voice of ours as a kind and positive voice. We are our own harshest critics, and that 100% has an impact on our confidence both as mums and entrepreneurs. Believe you can do it, truly in yourself. If you believe it, your confidence will shine through. 


Comfort Zones, those lovely snuggly places we like to stay in. Do we really feel like a comfort zone is the place where we’re going to thrive as mums and female entrepreneurs? Or do we need to get out of those comfort zones? Getting out of your comfort zone can make you feel anxious and nervous, but pushing those boundaries and testing yourself can work wonders on your confidence. If people are judging you, it says more about them, than what it does about you. Do not be frightened of judgement. 


Tip number 4, putting your face out there- having the confidence to be visible.

Does it send a shiver down your spine, thinking of your face or name being at the forefront of your social media platforms, or on your businesses webpage? These are things that in that entrepreneurial life are going to help you so much, showing up for your business, even when it doesn’t come naturally to you will allow people to anchor in to you, therefore your target audience because they get to see you for who you are. That is then in return benefitting you. Do it for you, and watch your confidence blossom.


Tip number 5, the last and final tip for motherhood.  Your children, your children should be your confidence. We as mothers, carers, parents, put so much time into our children. That pride we feel when they sit up or say their first words, then they go off to school and get a glowing report. This should all fuel our confidence to know that we were the best person for the job. They wouldn't be the people they are if they didn’t have us, and even on those harder days- and there are many in motherhood! Our children manage to still come to us, after driving us up the wall all day and kiss us on the cheek and it melts away (most of the time). Our confidence should be fuelled by these babies, we have given love and life to. 


So, we know there are many reasons why we as mothers and female entrepreneurs lack confidence. As we have read, there are so many more reasons we should have confidence in these roles. Even though not everyday will be as confidence driven as the other, we can look at these top tips and take away even just a smidge of confidence, that we are the absolute best people for the jobs in front of us.