3 bits of advice about needing support.

podcast Sep 16, 2022

How many times as a mother and/or female entrepreneur have you felt like you don’t have support. Now I am mainly talking about lack of support from family or friends. 

A strong support network is so important in life anyway, but when you start a family and start a business, it becomes even more important.


Our amazing CEO Ceri sat down with two wonderful mothers who are also entrepreneurs Louise and Hayley, who gave us some amazing advice on what to do when we don’t feel supported.


The first piece of advice that our awesome female entrepreneurs have given is to keep going and push through. This might be the hardest piece of advice though, as when you don’t feel you have the support it is pretty easy to feel like giving up. If you push through though and really fight for what you want and what you are striving for the reward of that will be amazing! 

For example, if you really wanted to lose the baby weight but none of your family believed in you or supported you in your decision, it would be quite easy to go and find the nearest shop and buy the biggest pack of biscuits and eat your feelings- what was the point in trying anyway? BUT, if you decided to do it for yourself, and you didn’t buy the pack of biscuits and you started to lose that bit of baby weight, you’re going to feel blinkin’ incredible!!! 


Not too dissimilar to the first piece of advice is, to have confidence in yourself. Keep telling yourself that you are the best person for the job, DO NOT let that anxiety take over! Easier said than done- yes, absolutely. Sometimes girls, we need to be our biggest cheerleaders and have faith in ourselves, even when it seems like nobody else does. When you start to realise and have the confidence both in motherhood and in business that YOU and only YOU are the best person for the job in front of you, a whole new level of confidence will be unlocked. You will not only feel incredible about yourself, but also what you have achieved. 


The final piece of advice from our superwomen, if you feel that you lack a support network at home, find a group to network with. There is ALWAYS someone with the same or similar interests as you, they might not be identical but you’ll have something in common with someone. If it is in motherhood and you don’t have a supportive partner, find a mother and baby group and we can guarantee there is another mum feeling the same as you there- that’s support! 


If it is in business, find a local networking group. Even if your products or services are not the same, networking can be a great way of finding support, you can skill swap, get new ideas on ways of doing things, use others as soundboards for your great ideas. Trust us when we say, if you don’t have support at home, go and find a group who can ride the journey with you.


These are some great tips from our lovely guests, please listen to our podcast for more great advice on the subject. Remember, it’s ok to need support- keep going, carry on and push through. Have belief in yourself. We have a fantastic Facebook community of like-minded mothers and business women, to join the group please visit us here